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January 2014

January 2013
In 1922, when the Women's Institute was formed, the big houses in this Parish still employed dozens of domestic staff. These women were the basis of the Institute - run of course, by the ladies of the village. The vicar's wife was the first President, the lady of the Manor followed the tradition.

The Institute was imported from Canada where it had been formed to help educate the young wives of settlers of that remote land. Help with childcare, hygiene and diet were of great importance, and Education is the bedrock of Institute Policy. Hence the beautiful WI college near Oxford, open to all members - and their husbands and friends nowadays.

For more details visit the Women's Institute Web Site.

Campton WI is no different in this and every year we learn more about our world and the people in it and hopefully understand more of their problems. Join us and have fun learning.

Campton WI meets monthly on the second Wednesday of the month at the Village Hall at 7.30 p.m.. (see 'Diary')

Sue Hayhurst

President : Felicity Brown  Tel:  01462 811686

January 2014

After 91 years of active life, Campton W.I. has been formally suspended.  This term is used in case anyone in the village should wish to revive the institue within 3 years.  This event was overseen bt two members of the County Exec.

But it was, after all Christmas!! so, encouraged by Karen Mangold. we assembled an interesting selection fo winter greenery and candles all arranged in terracotta pots.  We really did very well - but as amateurs we are no threat to Karen, but we enjoyed ourselves.  A loevly buffet was provide for us and a good time was had by all.

Thanks were given by Deborah Maggs to Felicity Brown for her great efforts  to keeping the Institute alive.  Finally, we drank a toast  wishing ourselves a HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

SUE HAYHURST ex- acting secretary!!!

taken from January 2014 newsletter edited by Angela Baker

January 2013 at the W.I.

It was great to see so many members and guests brave the cold and come along to hear Ian Jackson’s talk on ‘My Work as a Wildlife Illustrator’.  Ian was especially good at both music and art at school, and inspiration from a visit to an art exhibition made him apply to College to study on a Technical and Scientific Illustration course.  He didn’t enjoy illustrating technical manuals but he loved the wildlife, and has since added architectural and figure work.  At his own finals exhibition he was approached by Usborne publishers and the rest is history. 
Ian explained the process of illustrating text where he is given an intensely detailed brief and a page layout, round the text,  to which he must adhere.  His first illustrations are made in pencil, largely compiled from his huge collection of photographs, and scientifically accurate.  When this pencil rough is approved, he transfers it to his working surface and then starts his detailed painting using watercolour or gouache.   The many patterned colours on a bird’s wing for example, are built up layer by layer, using a masking liquid to cover the areas not needing the paint, and texture is added by using a series of different brushes.  Even the old, fanned out bristley ones are useful (which is good news as one brush usually lasts one day!).   Ian’s work is incredibly detailed and often very, very tiny yet he does it all without magnifying aids.  We loved seeing his work; we loved being given an insight into the process of illustration; we are full of admiration for his commitment, flair and skills.  Thank you Ian.

10th February is Chinese New Year’s Eve and that week W.I. members are going out for another Chinese meal but this time it will be for lunch.  Ring Felicity on 01462 618330 if she hasn’t contacted you yet.

February 13th is our next meeting when we are being treated to a talk on ‘Gamekeeping’ by Andrew Newman and Sir Stan Odell.  Guests are welcome to attend at £4 each.

If you are thinking of becoming a member, then do it this month.  We have a great programme.  The annual membership is £33.

Anna Maudlin   Secretary  (01462 817588)


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