Campton & Chicksands


Walk 5 - Rowney Warren 2 miles there, 2 or 3 miles back.

Note: This is walk is also a bridleway.
  Start walk as Walk 1 by heading from the Church up Rectory Road to Priory Road and across the A507 into the woods next to Chicksands. Follow the arrows as before but this time when you reach the fork in the pathway turn left. This will lead you to a wooden bridge. Cross this.
Continue across the small field to another bridge, around the edge of Chicksands camp, down the hill to the river, where you will be able to see Rowney Warren in front of you. To reach it, turn left, following the river to 'Parripak', turn right past the tractor warehouse and into the Warren.

  There are several ways to return, you could retrace your footsteps or by turning right, and following the path along the bottom edge of the Warren you will reach a roundabout on the A600. By crossing the road here and heading into Shefford, you will eventually reach the traffic lights in the town centre.
Turn right here, continue along Ampthill road for about 1/2 mile until you reach the junction with Campton Road on your left. Follow this road to the cemetery then bear left through the underpass and back along Greenway to the Church.  

Shefford, Bedfordshire, UK (map)

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