Campton & Chicksands



When walking in the Countryside, please remember the Country Code.
1.  Remove litter.
2.  Clean up after your dogs and keep them under control.
3.  Keep to the public footpaths.
4.  Close gates behind you.
Walk 1 - 1¾ mile Circular Walk via Campton Plantation

Walk 2 - 1 mile Circular walk via river.

Note: No dogs allowed on part of this walk


Walk 3 - 1½ mile walk via 'Polehanger Farm Woodland'



Walk 4 - 3 mile riverside walk via Polehanger Farm and Crackle Hill, Meppershall.



Walk 5 - Rowney Warren 2 miles there, 2 or 3 miles back.

Note: This walk is also a  bridleway. 

There are now a number of walks available at the Sandy Smith Nature Reserve
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