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The Campton Village Hall is maintained and operated by a voluntary management committee, elected each year and has around 8 members. The function of the committee is to maintain and improve the village hall and its related facilities.


The Hall was built sometime during the 1800's and sold to the Church by the Osborne family of Chicksands on the 7th July 1873 when it was used as the Village School until 17th June 1936. It was then used as the Sunday School for a number of years. It was then sold to the PCC for £140 on the 3rd July 1959.

By 1970 it had fallen into a state of dis-repair and was then leased to the Parish Council for £1.00 per year on the understanding that it would be re-furbished and be managed by an appointed committee. The Village Hall Management Committe was formed and it was registered as a charity.

The hall was the last thatched Village Hall in Bedfordshire but the time came for the roof to be re-thatched and the decision was taken to replace the roof with tiles. A number of fund raising events took place in the village and a total of £18,000 was raised to pay for the new roof in 1992. The hall was extended with toilets and a meeting room added in 1976. The latest addition is Gas Fired Hot Water Radiator Central Heating which was installed in 2002, this was achieved through local fund raising and from Grants provided by the South East Beds Community Liaison Forum.

The Hall is used by a number of village groups and private individuals, such as the Bowls Club, Yoga Classes, Mothers and Toddler groups, Parish Council, All Saints' Church, Children's Parties, Wedding Parties and Birthday Parties.

In 2015 the toilets were refurbished with facilities for the disabled and baby changing fitted'

Hiring and Availability

To hire the hall please contact:-

Tel: 07950 458940


download a 'Booking form' here.
download 'Information for hirers'
download 'Application for consent for a temporary event notice'

download 'Standard conditions of hire' 2016

Hall Hire Charges from 12th April 2017
The hall offers disabled access, kitchen facilities, an induction loop system, a unisex toilet and a separate unisex disabled toilet.
Main Hall
(54 ft long by 34ft wide).
Maximum number of persons permitted:
Sitting          70
Standing     120

Ad hoc bookings:
Parish residents, Parish groups and Educational groups.  £12
All other ad hoc bookings.  £14

Block bookings (minimum of 6 occasions in a 12 month period):
Parish, Charity and Educational groups.  £10
All other groups.  £12

Other charges: (For use other than when used at the hall)
Hire of tables.  £1 per table per day
Hire of chairs.  £1 per day (per multiple of 5)

The Village Hall currently has the following block bookings for 2017:

Trugs and Trowels (Garden Club)
First Monday evening of the month 7.30 - 9.00 pm
Dance classes
Tuesday afternoons 3.40- 7.15 pm
Tiny Talk
Wednesday mornings 9.30 - 13.00 a.m.
Dance classes
Wednesday afternoons 3.50-7.30 p.m.
Parish Council Meetings
1st Wednesday evening of month 7.30- 10.00
Village Hall Management Committee
2nd Wednesday evening of every alternate month 7-8 p.m.
Carpet Bowls
Thursday afternoons 2.00-4.00
Thursday evenings 6.00 p.m. - 7.30.p.m. term time

The Management Committee

Committee meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of alternate months at 7.30 p.m.

Campton Village Hall Management Committee 2019- 2020


Committee Position
Contact Details
Key Holder


John Ayres
Booking Secretary
12 Gravenhurst Road, Campton,
Keith Holland
Committee Member
23a Gravenhurst Road, Campton

Angela Baker

12  Rectory Road,

Lindsey Smith
Committee Member

Joe Longson
Parish Council Representative

Functions take place regularly and it is important to keep Village Hall wheels running well.

AGM Minutes 2019

Chairs Annual Report 2018

AGM Minutes 2018

Chairs Annual Report 2017

AGM Minutes 2017

AGM Minutes 2016

Chairs Annual  Report 2016

AGM Agenda 2015

AGM Agenda 2014

AGM Minutes 2014

Chairs Annual report  2013

Treasurers Report 2013

Village Hall Accounts 2013

AGM agenda 2013

AGM minutes 2013

Chairs Annual Report 2012

Treasurers Report 2012

AGM minutes 2011
Treasurers Report 2011

Chairs Annual Report 2011

Chairs' Annual Report 2010

100 Club

PLEASE NOTE that while the Village Hall Management
Committee is in the process of trying to recruit new members –
it has been decided to cease the 100 Club Draw as of the end
of March 2019.  The Committee are hoping to have it up and running again by the end of the year.

The monthly draw takes place in the village hall, at the  committee meeting, on the second Wednesday of the month.  Results are posted on the noticeboard outside, on the parish website and in the parish newsletter when deadlines coincide.  You are welcome to come along and we would like to recruit new committee members so that we can keep fresh ideas flowing.  Please contact Malcolm if you think you can help out.  We are especially interested in increasing representation from Chicksands.

100 Club Rules 2017/18

100 Club Rules 2016/17

Winning numbers can be found in the monthly newsletter

Monthly Prizes for 2017/2018

1st - £35
2nd - £20
3rd - £12
14   R. Judge
107   T. Humm
131   M. Tyler
15   J. Hewett
143   N. Parrish
125   P. Fisher










Monthly Prizes for 2016/2017

1st £35

2nd - £20
3rd - £12
16    I Trantum
221 Lady G Odell
78   K. Inskip
125  P. Fisher
216. Mrs. S. Khan
11.  C. Stickland
22.  F. Williams
70.  Mrs. V. Green
67.  A. Pettifar 
89  J. Chalk
76  Mrs. A. Partington
71  Mrs. S. Hayhurst
143  N. Parish
41  A. Tingey
52  H. Woodward
94 J. Davison
98  M. Newman
101 V. Brand
70  V. Green
15  J. Hewitt
9  J. Banfield
45  C. Greet
67  A. Pettifar
221 Lady Odell
20  K.Laviola
33  K. Mangold
49  L. Callaghan
53  S. Strong
144  D. Parrish
45  C. Greet
11 A. Stickland
155 B. Sheasby
5.  J. Ayres
40  S. Farmer
88 D. Crowley
1. M. Marsh

Draw Results 2015/2016

1st - £30
2nd - £20
3rd - £15
3    Mrs Greenwood
88   D. Crowley
143   N. Parrish
91  D. Addison
84   Dr. J. Willis
118   C. Stonestreet
31   Mrs. S. Farmer
47   P. Tingley
74     Mrs. D. Alcock
150  Mrs. M. Freeman
4     J. Simmons
74     Mrs  D. Alcock
A. Tingey
A. Green
P. Westgarth
P. Phillips
G. Cameron
V. Green
L Sheasby
J Hare
R Smith
V. Green
K. Donovan
P. Phillips
P. Fisher
M. Langley
P. Mossman

A. Baker

M. Tyler C. Austin
S. Howie
J. Davidson
J. Greet
J. Cullip
 M. Willis
J. Allen

Draw Results 2012/2013/2014 Period


1st - £30

2nd - £20

3rd - £15

138 L. Turner
10 Mr Dillon
19 H. Radley
80 S Winyard
69 J Allen
72 D Baker
4  C Francis
138 L Turner
229  L Turner
22  G. Eckert 112  J. Wootton
34  M. Bowen
73 Mr I Trantum
140   Mrs A Brand
 101  Mr V Brand
May 229   Mrs H Grey 53     Mr C Strong

12     Mr J Hanlon

April 47   P Tingey 1     M Marsh

158 Mrs A Cook

32  D. Humm
68  H. Parrish
25  C. Austin
16  D. Willson
74  D. Alcock
19  H. Radley
January 2014
118  C. Stonestreet
142    I. Hartnack
172  J. Clarke


26    M Chivers
191     D. Eaton
72    D. Baker
6      Mrs A Hewett
189    D Allingham
160   N. Ashwin
223   H. Battersby
142    I Hatnack

66    Mrs. K. Commandeur

September 89      J Chalk 159     Mrs Banfield

128  K Wilding

85     A. Baker
18      A. Lloyd
13     J. Cullip
3       M. Smith
61      S. Lamb
79     R. Webb
86     Mr Ahmet
85     A Baker
112    J. Wootton
 97    L Garton
88     D Crowley
117    J Broman
132   A Luddington
183   J Harrison
34     M Bowen
113   I. Battersby
107   D. Humm
105   M. Willis
75     M. Stevens
90     J. Blackie
78     P. Philpot
January 2013
54      M. Clarke
229    H. Grey
111    A. Keeble-Vaughn
88      D. Crowley
91     D.Addison
75     M. Stevens
November 2012

73      I. Tranter
103     N. Fletcher
158    A. Cook

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