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The Completed Parish Plan is now available
 May 2010


This web page will be updated as the Parish Plan progresses.

The government has asked Parishes to prepare a Parish Plan for people living in rural areas, so that they can become fully involved in the future of their community. An independent committee has been established to do this on behalf of the residents of Campton and Chicksands.

Planning For Real Events

There were three Planning For Real events held in February 2009.
The first was on Saturday 9th February at the Village Hall where over seventy people turned up and nearly five hundred issues were raised. Many of these covered the same or similar concerns and so the Parish Plan committee were able to begin to identify the major matters of interest.
The second meeting was held on Friday 13th February at the Mid Beds Council offices. Fewer people attended but they were not short of ideas. They identified another hundred matters for consideration. Many of these added weight to those already identified with some new ideas being added to the list.
Our third and final event was on Tuesday 24th February at Campton Lower School. This turned out to have the highest attendance with over a hundred people of all ages. Another three hundred issues were identified with the children from the school providing many of the ideas. Their contributions included a model of the village, written work, art and craftwork together with an excellent audio-visual detailing very useful suggestions.

Click here for an analysis of those present who identified the following information about themselves:

A facilitated parish walk to help inform and gather ideas will also take place on Sunday 5th April at 2.00 p.m, starting at the village hall..

All this will then feed into the production of a Parish Plan Questionnaire to be distributed to everyone in the Parish during June/July with around ten days for you to complete it.
We expect to have the results by September and will provide a summary in the October edition of the Parish magazine.
A final Action Plan will then be prepared and presented to parishioners at the 2010 Annual Parish Meeting, usually held in March or April.
Please join in. It is your Parish and your Plan.
Malcolm Newman,
Chairman Parish Plan Committee.

Planning for Real Events: Village Hall Saturday 6th February 2009

This was our first of three initial consultation events and the committee was a little apprehensive about how many people would turn up – we didn’t want to run out of cakes by lunchtime. Over 70 people from the under five’s to the over seventy-five’s came and enjoyed themselves talking about what we can all do to make the Parish an even better place to live, work and play in.


There was a huge map of the Parish with photographs of many of the landmarks and everyone was invited to pin onto it what they wanted (or didn’t). To make it easier there were small pre-printed flags that had on them lots of the things that people wanted to say.  These had been arranged into eight major themes comprising of: Community Facilities, Crime and Safety, Environment, Health, Housing, Leisure, Transport, and Work/Training/Education.

                                                                                                                       Dogs came too!

Very soon the map was beginning to get filled, so much so that several landmarks completely disappeared.

Committee members were on hand to record people’s comments and make room for even more!





Finally, when everyone had finished off the tea and cakes and gone home, we had the job of recording everyone’s comments and ideas.   These amounted to well over 400!  With another two events to go there’s going to be plenty of things for the working groups to think about.  These are being set up for each of the eight themes and we are asking for volunteers to help by joining a group.  Anyone interested should contact Malcolm Willis, tel: 812747, or email



The Final Parish Plan


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