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Postcards by courtesy Don Pull.  Interpretation by courtesy of Judithe Best.
 The insciption on the reverse of this card (which is written in french) is interpreted as ' An artiste of the music hall who died young of a general cancer, she was the wife/lady friend of Mr Derval the director of The Folies Bergere.' This contrary to information we have received from other sources that inform us that Miss Campton was Paul Derval's cousin. September 2010, I have received an e-mail from a distant relation of Miss Campton, who confirms that Miss Campton was Paul Derval's lady friend.
Miss Campton
 the Mystery Lady 
Can you help?  Are you a descendant of Miss Campton?, or do you know anyone that is?  If you have any information please contact me

This postcard was received as a gift by a Campton resident.
It is believed that Miss Campton performed at Les Folies Bergere, Paris but originated from Campton, if you have  any information about her we would love to hear from you.
Please e-mail me.

July 2005

Further to internet enquiries by a Campton resident, another postcard of Miss Campton has emerged, it appears to be from Louise and was sent to someone in Corsica.

Another similar postcard was also found, both had the same postmark (it is thought to be 1906 from Bouche de Rhone).

August 2006
Don Pull has been researching 'Miss Campton' over the last year and is now in possessions of twenty postcards  and a copy of a play in which she acted.  
He has discovered that Miss Campton became a film star and appeared in at least seven short French films. She was photographed by Valery Paris when at the Moulin Rouge, Sazerac and Cautin & Berger et al and more importantly, later, by 'Reutlinger of Paris' - who were big time Parisian photographers.  However, the majority of her photographs were taken by Stebbing of Paris, one of his particularly nice shots of her carries her name embossed in gold leaf - so it WAS special!  Only snag is that her name on this unique postcard is spelt Miss Compton - Stebbing knew very well who she was - so was this a deliberate choice on her part, or was it just an error made by the people whom Stebbing employed to emboss the cards in gold leaf ?
Don has also also pointed out that there is a village just 30 miles due west of Brighton named Compton, so if the next entry is correct could there be a link? The intrigue continues.

15th August 2006
I have a lot of documents concerning Miss Campton, photos and information. Her real name was : Emily STRAHAM CAGER, born the 6 april 1882 at BRIGHTON and died at Paris, the 21 November 1930.  
I can send my documents if you want to see them. 
Best regards, 
A French gentleman who wishes to remain anonymous.

15th August 2006. Replied that I would be delighted to display any suitable documents. Webmaster

Don Pull
has now obtained a copy of Miss Campton's birth certificate, confirming her name as Emily StrahaN Cager and her date and place of  birth.
Her mother's name was also Emily

Miss Campton's Birth Place
22 Roberts Street, Brighton

We have still to discover why she used the name 'Miss Campton' and if there is any link with the village..

8th September
miss campton est enterrée au cimetiere de montmartre elle etait la cousine de paul derval directeur des Folies bergere.  jai 50 carte postale et de nombreuses photos des programmes et des documents sur elle. pourquoi cette femme vous interresse?

translated by Google as :-

Miss Campton is buried in the cemetery of Montmartre, her cousin  Paul Derval was the director of the Folies Bergere. There are 50 postcard and of many photographs of the programs and the documents on it. why is this woman of  interest to you?

I  have replied that we are interested as to why Miss Campton chose the name
and if there is any connection with our village. Webmaster

Vault of  Derval family & Miss Campton                                                                           

May 2007
A french gentelman has written to say that he has discovered that Miss Campton had a daughter named Renee Beaufils who died in 1994, he is looking for her grave and descendants.  He has also been to visit the resting place of her husband Prince Rigadin who was buried in a commoners grave.


The Folies Bergere
Miss Campton appears on one of the posters
7 Rue Albert De Neuville Paris 17 eme.
Miss Campton's
 private residence



 Paul Derval and his wife Antonia

The tomb of Paul Derval (the Director of the Folies Bergere and Miss Campton's cousin) at The Montmarte cemetery.
Paul Derval
The funeral of Paul Derval (the Director of the Folies Bergere and Miss Campton's cousin)
Programmes and Illustrations from Folies Bergere 1904 -1912
provided by a French gentleman who wishes to remain anonymous.


Prince Rigadin Miss Campton's husband



Prince Rigadin Miss Campton's husband
This programme was supplied courtesy of  Judy Eaton, Pennsylvania
Article about Paul Derval.
  Director of the Les Folies Bergere.

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