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With thanks to eveyone who has sent me photos for this page, including Don Pull, Joyce Thompson, Iris Guttery, David Tollman,  Ian & Sue Dilley & Beryl Harris..


Rectory Road / Priory Road

All Saints Church
Chicksands Priory
*Postcard of Campton
The Rectory 1860 The School

  The Manor c1910
 Rear aspect of the Manor (sketched 1912)
The Manor 1942
Rectory Road
*The Grange corner Gravenhurst Road/ Rectory Road

Cottage, Rectory Road

Annie, Ken, Elneth Doggett about 1920 (cottage in Priory Road).  Annie is Sue' s grandma and Ken and Elneth her mothers siblings   

Gravenhurst Road

The Wheatsheaf & P.O.
Gravenhurst Road
23 Gravenhurst Road
The Doctor c1920

*Shop Gravenhurst Road
*Gravenhurst Road.

*Gravenhurst Road

*Gravenhurst Road
*Cooks Farm, Highlands
*Village Hall

Mill Lane

Mill Lane
Rose & Fred Inskip. pre 1934
The White Hart
in the late 40s when  Thomas and Annie Doggett ran the pub, Sue lived here for the first 3 years of her life.
Postcard of the Mill 1906
Painting of Cobbs Cottage, Mill Lane. Now demolished, was on the site of new houses.

*Church Farm Cottage

*Church Farm


Greenway 1938

Poste Cottage  circa 1925
Poste Cottage
 Poste cottage pre extesion
*Shop opposite Poste Cottage (formerly a Workhouse)

*1 Greenway
*Cherry Orchard Cottage
*Greenway, 1960's 

Campton Turn

Campton Turn (New Inn) 1850
Copy of a painting of Jack Brett's cottage, Gravel pit, Campton Turn
The New Inn (Campton Turn) in state of disrepair
*New Inn in process of being demolished


Campton School 1906
Group of ladies
Ken and Elneth Doggett ( standing at front 2nd and 3rd from left) at Campton school about 1920
Campton scouts 1929 Ken Doggett at rear 2nd left
Rectory Road  side of school 1930s

Emma Burnage centre Dorothy Doggett far right, opposite old Rectory 1930s.   Emma was the local dress maker and lived in Rectory road  (her son  Alan was Mid Beds Clifton Councilor until recently) and Dorothy is Sue's mother
*The Home Guard
Campton School 1950
Cricket Team
School Coronation 1953

Coronation Day 1953

Races.  Coronation 1953
Best kept village award
The Choir
New kneelers 2001

Aerial Photographs late 60's


*Fire damage in Church
This decorated plasterwork was uncovered on a wall at Church Farm during refurbishment in October 2005.  If you have any information about the decorations or know more about the technique used please e-mail me.


The Black Swan Shefford 2005
The Black Swan Shefford 1939

Signal Box 1963
Shefford Church

Northbridge Street, Shefford
Northbridge Street, Shefford
Northbridge Street, Shefford

High Street, Shefford
Northbridge Street, Shefford
Shefford River

*Bridge Shefford *Bridge Shefford
*Bridge Shefford

Left: *Harry Clark known as the 'Midnight Milkman'
 Photographed under Shefford Railway Bridge
with Jean Hallett, Josie White & Edna Hallett

South Bridge Street 1924

*Bridge Shefford

Shefford, Bedfordshire, UK (map)

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