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The following is taken from a booklet entitled 'Guide to Campton' published in 1981 by the Parish Council, and given to new residents. It is a brief summary from a longer and more complete history of the Village entitled 'Campton. A Study of a Bedfordshire Village' by D.J.Cadman.

All Saints' Church


This fine building stands at the village cross roads. It is almost certain that a Christian place of worship has stood on this site since Anglo Saxon Mercia was converted to Christianity in the seventh century. Of these earlier churches there is now no trace.

As mentioned in the history section the first priest to be recorded was an Anglo Norman, Richard de Camelton. He held office from 1244 to 1272.

The present building dates back to the 13th century and was constructed of rough hewn brown red sandstone. Late in the same century the South arcade was added and in the following century the chancel was enlarged on the South side.

The North aisle with its rather plain Gothic arcade and the Osbourn chapel were added in 1649. Funds for the latter extensions almost certainly came from the Osbourn family who had by then become well established at Chicksands Priory and they worshipped at Campton Church.

The end of the 19th century saw much church re-building in the County and, perhaps unfortunately, our church did not escape extensive renovation. The tower and much of the rest of the building was rebuilt using mostly well cut and faced sandstone blocks.

The North aisle was supplied with a completely new set of windows in place of the original 17th century lights (wood framed). All the windows of the Church have been replaced with copies of their originals except the East window of the Osbourn Chapel which is original. The organ chamber too was constructed in the 1898 repair.

Until the present century there was no proper Church in Shefford, only a chapel at ease, and this lay within the the living of the Rector of Campton.

In 1903 the ecclesiastical parish of Shefford was formed. The Chapel became a Church and its first Vicar was appointed 1904.



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