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How change came to the Village 

From 1760 the pace of change gradually increased and most of the important advances can be dated and listed.

1757-1760 The road from Bedford to Baldock via Shefford was taken over by a Turnpike Trust. Great improvements were made to the surface.

1799 The Campton parish Enclosure Act was passed. The parish lost its open fields. Hedges were planted. Tenant farmers came into existence and most of the villagers became "landless labourers".

1801 First national census, Campton's population was 316.

1823 The Ivel Navigation was extended to Shefford. This gave the village a cheap means of transport for its agricultural produce.

1857 The Midland Railway line from Leicester to Hitchin via Bedford and Shefford opened. This gave, for the first time, the villagers an easy means of transport to nearby towns.

1875 Compulsory elementary education started at the National School (now the Village Hall).

1876 School in Rectory Road opened.

1888 The first Bedfordshire County Council elected.

1894 The first Biggleswade Rural District Council and first Campton Parish Council elected.

1906 Water mains were laid to the village.

1921 26 Council houses were built along Greenway.

1924? Gas mains laid.

1928 Electric power reached the village.

1948? District Council started collecting night soil.

1962 Parish Council installed street lighting.

1963 Foul water main laid in village.


Memorial gates inscribed with the names of  those who died in the wars 1914 -1919 & 1939 - 1945Larger picture

The following is an entry from Kelly's Directory 1885
(by courtesy of Margaret Banfield)

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