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The October match was held on the 17th at Chesterfield Downs near Letchworth. This course is very similar to a links course and was in a first class condition.
The facilities at Chesterfield are second to none including a large covered driving range, a well-stocked pro shop and excellent dining facilities.
The weather was fine once again (what a season!!). The greens were like lightning and the conditions really tested the large field. An undulating course with many bunkers, most people spent some time in the sand, it was like being at the seaside! A unique feature of the course is the phone on the eighth hole enabling golfers to order refreshments that are then ready for collection when they reach the ninth hole.
Once again an excellent meal was provided and the presentations were as follows:
1st         Robert Smith        36 points
2nd        Howard Read       36 points (on count back)
3rd         Paul Bardell         35 points
Nearest the pin 3rd hole              Howard Read
Nearest the pin 12th hole            Robert Smith  (recognise the names?)
Longest Drive                           Anita Isaacson (Vive la difference!!)


On Friday 19th September the Society met at Letchworth Golf Club. The Letchworth is a member’s
course and seems to consider itself as rather an elite set up. The sun shone once again throughout
the day making the already dry conditions even more testing.
A good turnout on the day promised a good day's entertainment and we were not disappointed. The course has been redesigned since last season, adding extra yardage on several holes. This created an element of confusion to some players due to the lack of signage. Players needed the navigation skills of the ‘ancient mariner’ to find their way around. Congratulations to Bill Roberts who had a really good day, it must have been due to the fencing along Greenway that he’d been doing during the week prior to the match — straight and true just like the golf!
Following the game an excellent meal was enjoyed at the clubhouse, a slight damper on the day was caused by the extremely rude bar steward; he appears to disapprove of Society golfers and shows it by his manner. Presentations were made as follows:
1st         Paul Welling                  37 points
2nd        Bill Roberts                   36 points
3rd        Darren Ambridge           36 points    (on count back)
Nearest the pin 2nd hole      Charlie Primmett
Nearest the pin 14th hole     Pete Rogers
Longest Drive                     Darren Ambridge


Captain’s Day is always a big day in the golfing calendar and this was no exception. The event was held on Friday, 18th July at Wyboston Lakes. Thankfully, on the day, the weather was warm and sunny following two very wet days. The recently opened new Sports Bar complemented the course, which was in excellent condition.
Ron Harris (Captain) welcomed the 35 members and guests and wished them good luck for the day’s events. After enjoying a hearty breakfast play commenced at ten o’clock with a nine-hole, three clubs and a putter competition. This is always a fun competition, as the golfers have to improvise with their club selection. The winner of this competition, Rex Timson scored 25 points with just three clubs but only 28 points in the 18 hole competition with his full set of clubs!
As Captain I led the field out in the afternoon for the main competition. My playing partners were Anita Isaacson (Wyboston Ladies Captain), Margaret Harris (the boss) and Graham Edgeley. The format was, as usual, a stableford competition, nearest the pin on two holes, longest drive and nearest the pin with the second shot. There was also a straightest drive competition on the 15th hole for the ladies.
As with previous matches “cometh the moment — cometh the man” (or the woman in this case!!). Using her new driver, Margaret set about the course, rarely missing a fairway and making most greens in regulation. The first nearest the pin on the 3rd, Margaret’s tee shot landed 2 feet from the hole and was dispatched with one putt. As the game progressed it was obvious that Margaret was amassing a good score. The straightest drive was a tie as neither of the ladies got within 20 yards of the line. The next hole was the second nearest the pin, once again Margaret nailed her shot to within 30 inches of the hole but two putted this time.
By the time we arrived at the 18th it was obvious that Margaret’s score of 39 was well in contention and all that was needed was to play the last hole as well as the previous seventeen. Disaster struck, her ball went sailing out of bounds and she subsequently failed to score another point!
Following a very enjoyable evening meal at Wyboston, the Captain thanked all those involved in organising the day and awarded the prizes:
9-Hole 3 clubs and a Putter Competition
Rex Timson 25 points
18 hole competition:
1st Robert Isaacson 39 points; 2nd Mike Morley 39 points; 3rd Mike Davies 39 points;
4th Margaret Harris 39 points (decided on count back)  Booby Prize Charlie Primmett 21 points.
Nearest the Pin 3rd Hole Margaret Harris; Nearest the Pin 16th Hole Margaret Harris;
Nearest the Pin 2nd Shot (9th) Stuart Stone; Longest Drive (11th) Rex Timson.
A bouquet of flowers was presented to both Margaret and Anita as joint winners of the straightest drive.

 P.S. After the presentations Margaret intimated that she ‘took a dive’ on the last hole to save
 any embarrassment??!!!??

Ron Harris

Friday 20th June

Players met at The Meridian Golf Club in Cambridgeshire to compete in the June competition. It was a pleasure to see such a good turn out with several players who have missed recent matches due to work commitments or ill health being able to attend.

The Meridian is a long course, part parkland and part ‘linksie’, with over 100 bunkers — a sand wedge being an absolute necessity!! Several of the holes were unusual in their layout, requiring good course management to score well. A local course planner was a good investment at £2.00 as the course in not a “grip it and rip it” course.

Conditions both on and off the course were excellent with the dry sunny weather allowing plenty of run on the fairways, while the greens were holding true.

The 20th June was also the eve of the release of the new Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and magic and wizardry was certainly afoot! Step forward Mick Spavins and his magic putter!! I played with both Mick and Murray Carter and witnessed the events, a story to be passed down through generations finally becoming part of golfing folklore. We had been warned before the match that Mick recently had reduced his opposition to tears with the quality of his putting but neither Murray or myself were prepared. Mick proceeded to sink putt after putt from anywhere on or off the greens. Any putt of 15 feet or less effectively became a “gimmee”. It was suggested that maybe he should use his putter off the tee as it was so effective (several other suggestions were also made as to what Mick should do with his putter but (un)fortunately he didn’t take up the options).
In the clubhouse, much to Mick’s credit, he did not brag or boast but took every opportunity to inform us all that he only paid £21.00 for his “magic putter”; this made those who had paid considerably more feel so much better!!

Mick finally won the overall competition with a magnificent 41 points playing off an 18 handicap. During the prize giving, it was suggested by some that maybe 18 was rather too generous for such a talented player. The handicap secretary. Dave Tingey (friend and work colleague of Mick) assured us all that Mick’s handicap was correct!

The various winners were presented with their awards after an excellent dinner and a raffle
(Mick winning yet another prize). They were as follows:
1st    Mick Spavins      (18 handicap)    41 points
2nd    Nick Comlidge   (13 handicap)    37 points
3rd    Simon James      (20 handicap)    37 points
4th    Dave Tingey      (14 handicap)     37 points

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th  places being decided on count back.
Longest Drive    Mick Summerby
Nearest the Pin (3rd hole)      Dave Andrews
Nearest the Pin (15th hole)    Danny Pitts

Ron Harris

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