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Campton Bell Appeal launched with ‘The BIG Ring’

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Campton Bell Appeal launched with ‘The BIG Ring’

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A big thank you to everyone who supported this event on New Year’s Day. Well over 60 people attended, making this a significant church event in terms of numbers, and we raised over £1500 through sponsorship before the event and donations (in The BIG Jar) made by those attending on the day. The Biggleswade Chronicle gave us some great coverage, including a big colour photo, and we were featured several times in Three Counties Radio News.

Following a Champagne launch just before 3 o clock we succeeded in our objective  of ringing for 1 hour. The special atmosphere in the church was commented on by several parishioners. Those taking part certainly felt that this was a special experience and it was great fun too.

Here’s what Robert Taylor thought of the day:

On New Year’s Day 2004, the Campton Campanologists started an appeal to raise £60,000 for a new ring of six bells at All Saints’ Church, Campton. This campaign started with The BIG Ring which lasted for one hour starting at 3 o’clock. One hour may not sound like a long time to any experienced campanologists reading this but for those who took part this felt like years because they, like myself, have only been ringing for a relatively short time, having been taught by John  Loveless and Linda Garton.

The BIG Ringers were: Natalie Taylor (11), Amy Farmer (14), Lily Farmer (11), Eleanor Dawson (10), Nick Brown (11), Kathy Taylor and Sue Wootton, and myself Robert Taylor (14). We rang in relays with some experienced friends, Graham Williams, Dennis Davis, Anthony and Charlotte Smith, Russell and Terry Brown, together with John and Linda helping out. We are very grateful for their help and support.

 In the final five minutes we had the five least experienced and youngest people ringing and in the last few seconds we had a big count down to stand our bells but, as everyone was too busy laughing, none of us could set our bells!! Following the hour’s ring, some experienced ringers rang some more complicated things like Grandsire and Plain Bob Doubles.

We are proud that we raised over £1500 through sponsorships and donations on the day but we still need £58,500 which we hope to raise in the next two years.

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