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This Logo was designed by Natalie Taylor, Amy and Lily Farmer for the Campton Bell Appeal

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ift Aid

Campton Bell Appeal launched with ‘The BIG Ring’

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The Gift Aid scheme means this type of giving is beneficial, from a tax perspective, both for the donor and the bell scheme. Typically, for a basic rate taxpayer, every pound given under the scheme is topped up with 28p reclaimed from the Inland Revenue. If you or your group are interested in discussing further the idea of donating one of the new bells please contact Bruce Porteous (Treasurer of Campton PCC) on 629193 or John Loveless on 819074

Secretary - Sue Farmer, 18 Gravenhurst Road, Campton, Shefford, Beds SG17 5NY Tel:
or e-mail John Loveless at

Shefford, Bedfordshire, UK (map)

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