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This Logo was designed by Natalie Taylor, Amy and Lily Farmer for the Campton Bell Appeal

How will we raise the money?

How will we raise the money?

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In many rural parishes across the UK bellringing is an important part of church activity and village life. Bells are rung regularly, as at All Saints, Campton, for church services and practice night, and also for weddings, anniversaries and national events.

The cover of last year’s Christmas Newsletter featured a photograph of a group of young people from Campton who were learning to ring. Developing the theme of looking to the future, I commented that the bell installation was not in good condition and that a major restoration would soon be necessary for the art of bellringing to continue to thrive in the village.

Well, during 2003 plans for the bells were finalised, presented and thoroughly debated and in October the PCC agreed for the project to go ahead. The Campton Bells Appeal is being launched in January 2004.

So, what is the Bells Appeal all about and how much money do we need to raise?

We want to install a brand new peal of bells, specially cast to our own specification, using state of the art methods of tuning. Effectively, this will provide us with the best there is. As well as new bells, we will also be having a new custom-designed metal bellframe to house them in the tower.

Currently we have a peal of 5 bells of poor tonal quality which are also difficult to ring. Initially, we will be installing a new ring of 6 bells. The new bellframe will house 8 bells, which gives us the option to add two extra bells to complete the full octave. This can be done later or, if our fundraising goes particularly well, as part of the initial scheme.

The cost of all this is around £60,000 and I can already hear people wincing! Consider, the total weight of the bell metal is 1.5 tons, all the bells are individually cast and tuned, the bell wheels are handmade and the bellframe is specially made to our specification. We are buying masses of specialist expertise. All in all, this represents tremendous value for money.

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