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April 2018

The finalised Local Plan has now been submitted.
There is a Public enquiry until Autumn 2018.
Inspectors decision expected early 2019

15th March 2018

The Local Plan is expected to be put to full Council on 26th April, for approval to submit to the Planning Inspector by 30th April.

Latest update :

11th January 2018

Today CBDC have published their Pre-submission Local Plan.

Put simply the Village is ear marked for up to 66 new houses.  These are on the land next to Greenway.  There are none proposed for the Glebe.

Read a full copy of the Local Plan here.

Consultation will take place from 10.00 a.m. on Thursday 11th January 2018 for six weeks until 5 p.m. on Thursday 22nd February.

If you would like to object or comment you must do so during this time. You can do this on line at

Here you will find a video on how to leave comments

Here is how to make your representation on line

Log in or Register (and then log in).
Click on 'Central Bedfordshire Pre-submission Local Plan (Jan. 2018)'
Under the heading  'Implentation', Click
'Policy HA1 Small and Medium Allocations',
Click Green Pencil.
Click drop down menu to 'support' or 'object'.

Make sure you mention you are commenting on 'HASO8 Land South East of Greenway in the Parish of Campton and Chicksands'
Make comments.
If your submission is more than 100 words, a summary is required.

Click Submit button.

or in writing to

Local Plan
Central Bedfordshire Council
Priory House
Monks Walk
SG17 5TQ

Suggestion for a letter of objection, please put in your own words

A few points to consider

Link to a video of the representations made on our behalf by Tim Bishop and Parish Councillor Paul Booton at the executive meeting of CBDC on 9th January  (includes ideas for future objections). (fast forward to 'Public Participation).

Opportunities to talk to CBDC

CBDC appreciate that the Local Plan may raise lots of questions, so we will be holding a number of drop-in-sessions for members of the public and other interested parties to talk to us and ask questions; there’s no need to book, just come along.

Public drop in sessions will be held at the following locations (3pm – 7:30pm):

  • Thursday 18 January – Barton Rovers Football Club
  • Thursday 25th January - Lidlington Village Hall
  • Tuesday 30th January  - Arlesey Village Hall
  • Thursday 8th February - Biggleswade Orchard Centre


What happens next?

Following the consultation, CDBD will collate all of the comments they receive and these will be forwarded to the independent Planning Inspector alongside the Local Plan in accordance with regulation 22 of The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Act 2012

You can register with CBDC to receive email updates in the future

 Please register at www.centralbedfordshire/localplan to receive communications on the Local Plan by email in future.


9th January 2018

The executive have voted for the Local Plan to go ahead.

66 new houses have been proposed for land adjoining Greenway.

The consultation period is from 11th January to 22st February, this is when you will be able to make your views known.
During the consultation, there are four drop-in events where you can speak to council officers and ask questions.

All of the events are open to the public to drop in anytime between 3pm - 7:30pm.
Thursday 18 January - Barton Rovers Football Club
Thursday 25 January - Lidlington Village Hall
Tuesday 30 January - Arlesey Village Hall
Thursday 8 February - Biggleswade Orchard Centre
You can also, write to CBC with your feedback. Please send your views to:
Local Plan
Central Bedfordshire Council
Priory House
Monks Walk
SG17 5TQ

6th January 2018

A note from the Chairman

Firstly thank you to everyone that made it to the Village Hall last night to discuss the latest draft of the Local Plan.

Please see attached the minutes of the meeting which summarises the evening, thank you Joy for taking these and typing them up.

The next action is that I am speaking on behalf of the Campton Village Action Group at the Council Executive meeting on Tuesday 9 Jan.  the meeting starts at 0930 and is expected to end around 1200.  It would be very helpful for as many people as possible to come along in support.  I will only be speaking for 3 mins so will have to be concise.  Spectators are not allowed to add comment, however there is nothing stopping everyone being there and when I take to the stand to speak simply STAND UP in order to show support for the cause.  It is only over at the council offices so not far at all and I will appreciate having some backers.  

Once it goes to consultation we will all need to lodge our comments through the official channels and as before we will send out a how to guide and some ideas of what to include - it is vital to have your say!

One additional item that didn’t get fully discussed at the meeting is that we are applying for a grant from the Parish Council to cover costs of our campaigning.  So hopefully we won’t need to ask for donations to cover costs.  I will keep you all posted.

Please see the Facebook page for continued updates and the village website for minutes and meeting dates.

All the best,

Campton Village Action Group
Minutes of the Meeting held at Campton Village Hall on Thursday 4th January 2018 at 8.00 p.m.
Purpose of Meeting was to discuss way forward following the publication of the CBC Local Plan 2035 (CBCLP) – Pre-submission January 2018, published on 3rd January 2018.
The Glebe (ALP287) has been removed from the CBCLP to be put forward for development. 

Greenway (NLP082 – now known as HAS08) has been highlighted for development for 66 dwellings. (Page 79 of CBCLP).

Tim Bishop (TB) opened the 2nd Village Action Group meeting, which was the well attended by local residents.  TB thanked everyone who had sent objection letters to Councillors.  It had concentrated councillors to the views of the village.  Campton had submitted the 4th largest number of objections in the area and the highest of any village.
The Glebe
This was a great result.  However, it was highlighted that until the Local Plan was adopted the Glebe could still be vunerable and we shouldn’t be complacent.
Question was asked if we could take forward the success of the Glebe to Greenway. Was there any way of finding out what were the reasons for the Glebe being withdrawn and how much of that success had been down to local pressure.
Greenway  HAS08
Previously Greenway had been highlighted for 32 dwellings (The Glebe for 38), making a total of 70 dwellings.  Now the LP stated 66 for Greenway, more than double previously.  It was suggested that this was because the Glebe had been removed.

The following points were raised:
Underlying principle of the Local Plan just wrong for a village of our size.
The new map on the CBCLP was bigger showing  how deep and wide HAS08 would be.  This would not be front line, i.e. mirroring the opposite side of the road but more than likely a close (though this was speculation as no plans are available yet).
As a SMALL village this was an obscene size for Campton to absorb.  Particularly as it was Campton and not Chicksands.
The development of Campton Fields (known locally as Waggy’s field) of 140+ dwellings North East of the A507 was already in construction, but missing off  the plan.  Therefore it not show the two developments together either side of the A507 which was completely misleading.  There would therefore be no greenspace to distinguish Campton from Shefford apart from the A507 despite what the plan indicates.
Junction of Greenway with A507 with increase in traffic was of deep concern.  Speed limit of 40 miles on A507 at junction was mainly ignored despite 2 traffic calming bollards in place.  The speed of traffic coming off the A507 into Greenway and the having a development  of such a size with families commuting, the school run, crossing the road, parking on Greenway was highlighted.
Anti-social behaviour in the underpass between Campton and Shefford under the A507 and with the addition of 140+ homes literally across the road and the problems that would bring to the village.
Hanlons the Haulage company would add to danger if parking became an issue as a result of development and not getting cars off Greenway.
It was generally agreed that the village would have to accept some form of development in Greenway. However, it was a question of how many dwellings would be appropriate, previously 32 was still considered too many by the majority.
Any development should be in keeping with the village and leave no space for back fill.
There were no school places at Campton Village School and Robert Bloomfield School, Shefford and limited spaces in Samual Whitbread School, therefore where were the additional children going to be educated.  Busing children to other towns was not economical, eco-friendly or ideal. 
The addition of 66 dwellings would increase traffic onto village roads, especially deliveries.
Sustaining the biodiversity of the hedge, ditch and trees along Greenway was highlighted.
Of concern was the drainage and sewage capacity which was already full along Greenway at the present time and the additional strain this would put on the system.
Big developers already in Shefford, who are not able to sell current building stock. 
The new development should mirror existing Greenway dwellings.

As a village we are saying NO to development for 66 dwellings and previous proposal for 32 in Greenway.
A Draft Template Letter to be circulated highlighting areas for objections to be used and adapted by residents. Drafted by Paul Boulton.
Agreed we would accept a reduced quantity in ribbon format so as to be in keeping with being a small village.
Unsure what number that would be but a request was made to measure the plot to asses number of dwellings we felt appropriate.
Aim of group is to Preserve the character and setting of the Village for now and future generations.
Tim Bishop and Paul Boulton have requested to speak at the Executive Meeting on Tuesday 9th January 2018 at 9.30 a.m. at Priory House, where the next steps for the draft Local Plan will be discussed.  The Public are welcome to attend this meeting and a request was made for as many people as possible to attend to bring pressure to bear.  Joy has been advised it will finish around 12 noon.  The Local Plan is Item 8 on the Agenda of 12 items.

Neighbourhood Plan
Paul Boulton, Parish Councillor, requested that vilagers get involved  in the Neighbourhood Plan. It was more important now than ever to determine what kind of a village we wanted to live in.  The link to the Neighbourhood Plan survey is and the date for completion has been extended.

Links to the CBCLP published 3.1.2018  see Page 79 for Campton

Links to Executive Meeting 9.1.2018
Agenda for Executive Meeting 9.1.2018

There is a consultation period of 6 weeks from 11th January to 22st February. 
During the consultation, there are four drop-in events where you can speak to council officers and ask questions.
All of the events are open to the public to drop in anytime between 3pm - 7:30pm.
Thursday 18 January - Barton Rovers Football Club
Thursday 25 January - Lidlington Village Hall
Tuesday 30 January - Arlesey Village Hall
Thursday 8 February - Biggleswade Orchard Centre
You can also, write to CBC with your feedback. Please send your views to:
Local Plan
Central Bedfordshire Council
Priory House
Monks Walk
SG17 5TQ
The meeting closed at 8.50p.m.  A further meeting date will be arranged as and when necessary in light of continued opposition to current plans and any developments.

The Minutes will be available to view on the Save Campton Glebe @camptonvillage Facebook page and village website,

3rd January, 2018

Summary of latest position

CBDC Publish draft Local Plan documents

The council website shows the new draft.  

Put simply the Village is ear marked for up to 66 new houses.  These are on the land next to Greenway.  There are none proposed for the glebe.

66 is too many for the village, please all attend the meeting tomorrow at 2000 in the village hall to discuss way forward to keep our village as a village.


Important Dates to look out for

3rd January 2018
Overview/Scutiny and Executive agendas published  (Results of Call for sites)
4th January 2018
A residents meeting will take place at 8.00 p.m. in the Village Hall
8th January 2018
CBDC Meeting of Overview/Scutiny  - Public can attend and reguster to speak
9th January 2018
CBDC Meeting of Executive  - Public can attend and register to speak
19th January 2018
If it is agreed that the Local Planshould proceed, Consultation will start, it will continue for 6 weeks. You may object upto this time.

Campton Village Meeting Opposing Development 20 November 2017

Tim Bishop opened the meeting, which was well attended by local residents and a member of the Meppershall Action Group.

Joy had been detained by a car issue so Deborah took minutes.

Tim explained he would update all present, outline what was done, what was to do and then open the floor to the meeting.

Re ALP287 – the Diocese was pushing hard to develop the site. They are encouraging CBC to alter the framework. 

Bidwells (land agent) has sent the only letter of support; there are about 140 letters of opposition (the 4th highest in CBC). Bidwells propose 38 dwellings in 2 sections and they challenge CBC methodology.

Tim had investigated whether the barn could be listed. This seems unlikely as it dates from c1840, while listed buildings date from before 1840. However, a very useful report, containing very useful phrases, has been prepared by a former planning officer.

Re. habitat: Tim is hopeful that the trees can be added to the TPO but the tree officer has not replied on this. (On Tuesdays and Thursdays the public can visit CBC to meet the officer). Another resident has had more luck with replies from the officer, Pat Longland, and will forward Tim the emails. Tim will try to add the tress to the Woodland Trust Register.

Tim also explained we would need to reply very quickly to the CBC – within 7 days, once details are released.

The following points were made by the meeting:

-are there bats in the barn? Bill confirmed there were and Andy said there were more in the trees. These are very protected animals.

-could the barn be listed? (Lily Farmer) Tim confirmed he would make the application regardless of likely rejection.

-Linda outlined the objectives of the Diocesan Finance Committee – a ‘legal duty to make the most of Diocesan assets’ and ‘maximise returns wherever possible.’ The Glebe Committee met last Wednesday and will next meet on 14 March 2018, at which Campton Glebe will be discussed. *Linda will ask whether the minutes of these meetings are public* Henlow Glebe has been under threat of being sold. Their PCC and village oppose this and have had some success. It has gone to the church commissioners for consideration. Philip Jewel, spearheading their opposition, has offered to come to our PCC in January 2018 to share insights and this information could be more widely shared. The Diocesan board of Finance will be attending our next PCC meeting. The Diocese will argue: it is meeting the needs of targets set by HMG for housing; it must maximise assets for the stipend fund; and if the church resists, that we are failing our social duty to provide housing.

-Lily asked if the Diocese were taking offers from others to buy the land. Tim thought a developer would be offered the option.  Lily asked whether the local community could buy it and whether grants were available.

-what about infrastructure? The land was currently in environmental agricultural use – why has it been designated for development? Andy stated it was cheaper to develop green field sites than brown field. Also, Campton is a small village, the school and Dr’s surgery are full. The meeting agreed. Tim informed the meeting that sewerage was not seen as an impediment to development, but rather the water company’s problem.

-Malcolm Newman asked whether development would be restricted within the curtilage of listed buildings. (Rectory, Church, Manor, Poste Cottage, 2 Priory Road) Tim stated the impact must be considered.

-Anna Maudlin asked where Campton was shown as a small village. Tim stated this had been confirmed by PC documents.

-a resident asked if there was a property lawyer in the village and if there was not, whether we would be needing legal representation, whether Henlow had arranged that and whether we should consider this to be able to mount an effective challenge.

-a resident asked whether there were any unlisted buildings in Campton. Nobody knew the answer to this question.

-our Meppershall Action Group visitor asked if we would like any support and guidance – Tim said, resoundingly, yes!

-Paul, from PC, stated that a bat survey would be required before any building could be done, and that homes would need to be provided for them.

Looking at the bigger picture, the next round of consultation had been brought forward by CBC to immediately after Christmas. If deadlines were not met, provision of an extra 1500 homes p.a. could be imposed on the Council. Following the next consultation round, CBC may say 34, or 2, or no homes must be provided, but objections couldn’t be made on the ground that ‘it blocks my view’; they would need to be based on the evidence in the document produced. A line by line examination of that document would be required. Tim asked that Paul and he undertake that examination. 

-Malcolm Newman asked whether a campaign targeted at the Diocese would be effective. Linda suggested that the Diocesan website, if consulted, could reveal names and email addresses for members of the Glebe Committee (including the Archdeacon of Bedford). A suggestion was made for a pro-forma, which all could use and adapt for use. Paul agreed to draft a suitable letter. He also suggested residents should contact their District Councillor and MP to ensure all were very aware of our opposition.

-Deborah wondered whether photos of the congestion often seen in the village might assist, along with a survey of those who walk through Campton, with and without dogs, to enjoy the rural location. She asked whether those in the Annington homes had expressed views. She also thought if we could identify an alternative location for building it would offer a more positive approach.

-Nicky wondered whether land on Greenway opposite existing houses might be developed instead.  

-Linda suggested all points made in opposition should be consistent and carefully worded.

Tim told the meeting he had paid £240 for the consultation on the barn, hoping that the PC would pick up that expense. He explained that in the future there may be additional costs, including legal consultation in the light of the meeting questions. We may receive an email seeking contributions.

The meeting closed at 2105. A further meeting will be arranged, as the meeting was in favour of continuing opposition to current plans; Joy will circulate a date. 

Key Action:
•    With this in mind we need to influence the key decision makers as much as possible before the 2 Jan and possibly again in the week after 2 Jan to ensure members know the stance of Campton residents.  Below is a list of suggested recipients and a draft letter you can edit and make your own to email or send via snail mail.  Please send this ASAP so is received before the Xmas shut down.

suggested letter  (please put in your own words)

Executive Members

Deputy Executive Members

Other members
Forthcoming Meetings:

Campton Village Residents Meeting

If the Glebe is included in the Call for Sites going forward on 3rd January a residents meeting will take place on Thursday 4th January 2018 at 8.00 p.m. in the Village Hall.


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